Garden and landscaping designs

If a house is like a great piece of music, a garden is the prelude. If a house is like jewellery, a garden is its crowning emerald. Every tree, flower, and stem enriches and refines our home and our living environment


Our creative team offers everything you need to landscape public and private areas. We begin by studying each customer’s needs and wishes, and the respective site, as well as initial drawings, designs and estimates.

Before you meet our landscape architect and project manager, we recommend preparing the following:

  • an engineering and topographic plan;
  • a property boundaries map;
  • a building facade and layout plan;
  • a layout of water veins on your property.

As each project and plot are unique, it is important to discuss possible landscaping solutions with your project manager and landscape architect.

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Our projects


  • Discussion

    In-depth discussion is a must to understand what needs to be done.

  • Study

    A study entails a thorough inspection of the site and a summary of the required materials.

  • Proposal

    Proposals may differ depending on the customer’s wishes, and the time needed to complete each project varies.

  • Detailed plan

    A detailed plan is a detailed drawing of the customer’s preferred option.

  • Detailed description of elements and materials

    A detailed description and/or a list of plants and landscaping elements is prepared for a specific plan.

  • Garden design

    A garden design is the detailed plan supplemented by a vertical design, specifications and detailed dimensions.

  • Additional options

    For example, 3D visualisations and 3D movies.