Construction and maintenance of all types of lawns

Each stem points towards a star in the vast sky

Construction of a lawn is one of the most important stages of the landscaping process, as quite often it covers as much as two thirds of the landscaped area.

Under ideal conditions, the lawn will become green in 2-4 weeks. If you would like to have an instant lawn, we will carefully cover the respective area with rolled turf.

Our gardeners will choose a lawn that best suits your needs, the intended use (for example, sports, recreation or decorative purposes), the unique features of your garden and the mechanical composition of your soil.

We know how to create perfect lawns for shady areas and make even sandy soils green (like in Jūrmala or Mežaparks). We also deal with weeds, prepare the soil of your garden and, if needed, can even restore your current lawn.

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