Dear partners and clients,

Herewith on behalf of SIA Gartens we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for our existing successful cooperation with partners and customers.

As of January 2021, SIA Gartens is separating the outdoor products branch, which includes ZANO, ROMEX and Godelmann manufacturer brands, from core business in a separate legal entity, transferring distributional rights Landscape Construction SIA, registration no. 40103485255, represented by Laura Pliča – Stankeviča (ph.+ 371 29227644, ).

SIA Gartens and SIA Landscape Construction undertake to follow good practice by cooperating to jointly implement the offers issued so far to customers and partners.

Zano boasts 25 years of experience, as well as products which are endorsed by landscape architects around the world. Our manufacturing facility is based in Krakow, Poland, and we offer small high-quality architectural objects which are made of metal and wood.


Outdoor furniture

Zano offers various styles and an extensive range of products, such as outdoor benches and tables, bicycle stands, waste bins, fencing, as well as many other functional outdoor objects. Zano specialises in combined stainless steel or cast iron and wood or glass objects that can be used for high-quality spatial improvement projects. For outdoor furniture, we use such materials as concrete, non-ferrous metals and carbon steel to produce simple, or complicated, or modular structures for the urban environment.

Zano is unique in its incorporation of state-of-the-art technologies in its products: for example, a smart bench with solar panels, audio speakers, a charging point and Wi-Fi.


Zano takes pride in its design office, which cooperates with many landscape architects and faculty from various universities. Zano specializes in custom solutions tailored to our customers’ wishes.

Thanks to our cooperation with renown experts, our company can offer top quality products and prepare complex projects.

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